No More Mr. Nice Guy®

Helping men break free from the 'Nice Guy Syndrome' to get more of what they want in love, sex, career and life.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy® is dedicated to helping men transform their lives to have more of what they want in love, sex, career and life.

'Nice Guys' have been conditioned in life to...

  • - put others' needs above their own
  • - avoid conflict at all costs
  • - seek the approval of others
  • - suppress their feelings

… this often leads to a sense of disempowerment, loneliness/emptiness, separation, and a lack of fulfilment.

At No More Mr. Nice Guy®, we help men to turn their lives around, transcend their 'Nice Guy' personas and live more authentic, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

"By helping men unshackle their 'Nice Guy' conditioning and putting them into the driver’s seat of their own lives, we help them find out who they really are and how to have more of what they want in life. Every man deserves to be the leader and architect of his own life, not just a mere spectator."
Rowan Andrews, Coach/Facilitator, No More Mr. Nice Guy®

What we do

One To One Coaching

Working with individual men, in a one to one setting either face to face or online.

One to one coaching is a deep personal development process. Clients are guided into an exploration of their Nice Guy conditioning, personal beliefs and behaviour patterns that have created their Nice Guy persona.

From that exploration, clients are guided to transcend their conditioning and embody new ways of being that triumph over their Nice Guy.

One to one coaching



Our seminars include content about...

  • The Nice Guy Syndrome and how to overcome it
  • Modern masculinity - what it offers men and the way they live their lives
  • Dating and relationships - understanding polarity to create and maintain the sexual spark in relationships
  • Tantra and the art of intimacy
  • Money and the Nice Guy - how the Nice Guy Syndrome affects men's ability to generate the income they need and deserve

Seminars are interactive and contain a blend of workshop-style content as well as presented material. They help men understand how the Nice Guy is affecting their lives in different areas and gives them new perspectives from which to create change in their lives.

Bespoke seminars and talks are also offered for businesses, professional groups and networks.


Our profound and intensive workshops are for men who struggle to get what they want out of life - the relationship they want, the dates, the sex, the money, the career - and who want to change their life by being the man they were born to be.

Our workshops take you on a deep journey of discovery and recovery.

In our workshops men learn

  • Where the Nice Guy mentality comes from
  • The extent to which it unconsciously affects their lives
  • Processes that help them push past the Nice Guy and access more authentic versions of themselves
  • How to overcome the limitations of the Nice Guy to produce real and consistent personal growth and meaningful change in their lives

And they learn to...

  • Give up people pleasing in order to get the approval of others
  • Explore how to set boundaries in all their relationships and handle conflict with integrity
  • Rewrite their conditioning to become better versions of themselves
  • Become aware of what they're doing that has women put them in the ‘Friend Zone'
  • Discover how their Nice Guy is sabotaging them from getting the money, sex, relationship and life they really want

In a nutshell, men learn how to become the man they were born to be, not who they were taught to be so that they can start thriving, rather than surviving their relationships, careers and lives.

Workshops Testimonials

Men's Groups

Men come away from our Men's Group meetings with a feeling of "thank god - there's a whole room of men just like me." They talk freely and openly about their struggles with being a Nice Guy and learn how other men have coped with it and what they are doing to recover from it.

Groups are expertly facilitated and men work on real life situations in their lives through 1:1, group coaching and group feedback.

Men's group

Men gain insights into their own Nice Guy patterns that they have not yet seen in themselves. They discover the impact their Nice Guy behaviour patterns and actions are having on their relationships and other areas of their lives and learn how to transcend those patterns to begin to live the lives they really want.


  • Start to trust other men and learn how they deal with their Nice Guys
  • Enjoy meeting a community of like-minded men dedicated to their self-development
  • Get inspired to take positive action in their lives
  • Bring about change in their lives which is a victory over their Nice Guy

Men's Groups Testimonials

About the Nice Guy Syndrome

The Nice Guy Syndrome is a way of being many men have adopted in an attempt to get their needs met.

The syndrome was first identified by the American psychotherapist and author, Dr. Robert Glover, in his book No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Portrait of Dr. Robert Glover, author of the book, No More Mr Nice Guy®
No More Mr Nice Guy® Book

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Nice Guys typically...

  • Give in order to get by creating covert contracts with others
  • Avoid conflict so they don’t have to risk anything
  • Aim to please others so that they can get approval
  • Try to fix other people’s problems to feel better about themselves
  • Lie and hide their flaws
  • Act like chameleons - wear 'masks' in different situations - to fit in, rather than just being themselves
  • Avoid responsibility in their lives and relationships
  • Have pent up the resentment and anger from being ‘nice’ all the time and not getting what they secretly want in return

The Nice Guy Syndrome is a debilitating condition that seems so invisible and intangible to the Nice Guy, yet so persistent, powerful and pernicious… surreptitiously sabotaging the lives of men and the people close to them.

No More Mr. Nice Guy® was created specifically to help men break free from the limitations of their Nice Guy personas to be more empowered and authentic versions of themselves and to live the lives they really want.

For more information visit Dr. Glover's personal website here.

About the Founder

Rowan is an expert personal development coach and certified No More Mr. Nice Guy® coach. He has been working with men from senior business leaders and academics, to ordinary working men, helping them elevate their lives, careers, relationships to the next level for over 10 years.

After being confronted with the limits his own Nice Guy tendencies were putting on his life, he began an intensive programme of recovery to break free and live a life of his own making.

Rowan Andrews

His exploration of the Nice Guy Syndrome led him to the USA to work with Dr Robert Glover, the author of No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Seeing the scale of the problem of the Nice Guy Syndrome in the UK, Rowan returned to launch the No More Mr. Nice Guy® UK Men's Group back in February 2017. Since then he has focused on helping men who identify as 'Nice Guy's' and supporting them in their recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome through one to one coaching, Men's Groups, seminars and workshops. The group has now grown to more than 700 members - one of the UK's largest and most valued men’s groups.

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